Meet Oronde Booker

Oronde Booker  ceo BookDawg Sports

Oronde Booker is a co-founder and ceo of BookDawg Sports, a Black-owned athletic supply company that he was inspired to create after years of watching his son play basketball and noticing the lack of representation of Black-owned companies in the industry. Born and raised in Lanett, Alabama, Oronde has always had a passion for sports, playing football, baseball, and basketball from childhood to adulthood. He attended Auburn University, where he majored in Computer Engineering and later worked in the private sector and federal government as a computer engineer for over 15 years.

Oronde's love for sports and his desire to make a difference in the industry drove him to found BookDawg Sports, a company committed to providing high-quality athletic equipment to athletes, coaches, and trainers. As a father of five, including Kendall Booker, who is also a co-founder of BookDawg Sports, Oronde understands the importance of giving back to the community. He donates his time coaching and mentoring young men through Team 24/7 and the London Hayes Foundation.

Oronde believes that Black people have contributed immensely to the sports industry, redefining the game and shaping its culture. However, there is a lack of representation of Black-owned businesses in the industry, particularly in areas such as sports equipment. Oronde's mission with BookDawg Sports is to change that by providing quality products and inspiring the next generation of Black entrepreneurs.

Oronde and his family reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where they continue to build BookDawg Sports and make a difference in the community. With his passion for sports and dedication to creating change, Oronde Booker is a true leader and role model for athletes and entrepreneurs.